Clare Phillips creates original, vibrant prints inspired by the landmarks and people that surround her in Bristol.

The digital illustrator and designer has had a varied career. A job for the BBC first led her to Bristol but her passion for art and creative flair inspired her to pursue a more artistic path in the city.

“I was craving a more creative life so I took the plunge and went back to college,” said Clare, who then embarked upon a two-year graphic design HND which equipped her with a new skillset.

After discovering her love of design, she then went on to complete an MA in Printmaking at UWE.

“It was the best thing I ever did as it allowed me to really discover my passion for illustration,” Clare said.

This passion is clearly visible through Clare’s work, in which she incorporates her Bristol inspired illustrations with a distinctive use colour.

Her prints lie at the very heart of Bristolian life and bring a smile of recognition to the face of anyone who has ever lived in, or visited, the city.

Clare said: “Bristol will always hold a massive place in my heart as it’s here where I first learnt my skills as an illustrator and decided to make a living out of doing what I love.”

Clare begins by taking pictures of her favourite Bristol landmarks before sketching down ideas and working them on her computer.

Many of the prints that she produces encapsulate the feeling of community that is found in the city.

She says that she loves “little details and building up little worlds” in her illustrations which can be seen in the beautiful, every day scenes that she creates.

Familiar scenes include the Hippodrome, Bristol Zoo and hot air balloons floating above Park Street.

“Art and colour is all around us, from the rainbow painted houses to the artworks of Upfest that adorn the buildings and of course the brilliant Bansky. There is just so much to be inspired by.”

The charity that Clare has chosen to donate to is The Teapot Trust, a charity that is dedicated to providing professional art therapy in a medical environment to children coping with chronic illness.