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Bredwardine Blue

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Our exclusive offer:

Bredwadine Blue

Limited edition print of an original painting

Size: 170 x 230mm

£157 framed | £120 unframed

Profits from sales of Carol's work will go towards the Bristol24/7 social impact agenda.

Seb Reed from The Little Framing Company explains his framing decision for Carol's work.

“This limed, ash box frame is the perfect accompaniment to Carol's work. Where a darker frame may have been overpowering and distracting, the light wood compliments the delicate pastel shades in the image, allowing them to take centre stage.

"The drop shadow created by the float mount subtly frames the paper and elevates it away from the white mount, completing an elegant and timeless framing solution."

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Bredwardine Blue unframed.jpeg