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Have you ever wanted to own a real piece of rock history?  Not just a picture or poster of your beloved icon, that anyone, anywhere can buy, but something rare, valuable and beautiful.  Something that only 49 other people in the world can possibly own. Ever.  A piece of art, that just like any great piece of art, is ever likely to increase in value, as well as adorn your wall.

If this idea interests you, take a look at some of the breathtaking images from legendary rock photographer, Phil Nicholls.  Phil was part of a small, but elite group of professional photographers who have captured images of the world's most famous rock stars.  With a career spanning 30 years, Phil has a back catalogue of images ranging from Lemmy Kilmister at his flat in 1987, to 20-year old Amy Winehouse back stage at the Louisiana in Bristol in 2003, to up-and-coming superstars like rock band Erica, Sarah McQuaid and Stephanie Kirkham in 2016.

These images have never been released for public sale before.  They are produced from A3 to A0 in size on either canvas or German etching paper, on the best print machines in the world, using ink that are guaranteed colourfast for 120 years.  Each one, regardless of size is individually signed by the photographer, given a limited edition number, and sent to you with a certificate of authenticity, also signed by the photographer.  You will have a beautiful, rare, and valuable image of your idol to treasure and pass down the generations.  Worth every penny, and then some