Susan with her sculpture 'Alright me Babber?'

Susan with her sculpture 'Alright me Babber?'

You may recognise Susan Taylor’s designs. They’re printed on every Bristol pound note. Her Bristol-based achievements don’t end there, she also designed one of the Shaun the Sheep sculptures for last year’s trail (Alright Me Babber? stood outside Temple Meads.)

Bristol247 have teamed up with Susan to bring some of her designs to you on special offer.

Susan is a freelance graphic designer and has a small business making typographic gift products. Even if the Bristol pound has passed you by, you’ll probably recognise her iconic text prints, which can be found on everything from coasters to tea towels in shops around the city.

Susan’s design portfolio is extensive. Before going freelance, she worked for advertising agencies in London, Brighton and Bristol. She’s produced work for the likes of Microsoft, British Airways and Avon & Somerset police.

The Southville based designer is inspired by architecture. She blames her mum for that, who’s an architect. For the Maker of the Month special offer, she’s created a timeline of recognisable buildings around Bristol and London. These have been set out in decorative patterns, and are available as tea towels or A3 prints.

The Bristol design features the Byzantine style of the Granary on the Welshback, and the Greek Revival style of the Victoria Rooms, with joyful colour and simplicity.

10% of every purchase goes to Susan’s charity of choice, the National Autistic Society.

Susan’s love of Bristol’s art scene can be seen in her work, “there’s such a can-do attitude here, a sense that nothing is off-limits creatively.”

Where next for Susan? To just keep doing what she’s doing, she counts herself very lucky “to be doing what I love.”