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Peskimo - otherwise known as Jodie and David - have been co-creating their playful illustrations and prints for over 10 years and bringing smiles to people all around the world.

Since a big break designing MTV idents back in 2004, the pair have been prolific creatives. “That gave us the confidence to continue working on our own projects as well as looking for illustration based work for clients, such as editorial illustrations and children's book illustrations,” Jodie explains.

The Children’s Block book series, which Peskimo do all the illustrations for, is now sold internationally. “People send us positive feedback from around the world on how much they and their children love the books, and it’s great to see your work translated into other languages!”

From a club mural in Singapore to ceramic pins, Peskimo’s unique work is versatile and tenderly prepared. Their silk screen prints are done by hand in their studio in Southville, making small variations in each print. “We have a DIY print set up at home,” David says. “We use photo-sensitive emulsion to create a stencil on the silk screen, and then do the actual screen printing on our kitchen table.

“We print a colour at a time, letting each colour layer dry before printing the next colour on top.” Their Cosy Cat print, featuring bold mustard and blue, is a three-colour print. “It combines our love of repeat pattern and cats!” Jodie says.

The print was based on their own cat’s napping habits: “He loves nothing more than a fresh cushion to sleep on!” says Jodie. Other pattern inspiration has come from more unusual sources, like the inside of envelopes. “Our work is inspired by vintage graphic design, cartoons and overhearing people in the post office queue!”

They next hope to expand their range of products into stationary and homeware.

Profits from artwork sold through Bristol 24/7 will be donated to Cats Protection. Check out Peskimo’s latest range through their online shop at www.peskimo.mysupadupa.com