Inkie in his studio

Inkie in his studio

Born and bred in the city, he was part of the first wave of Bristol graffiti artists including 3D, Nick Walker, Crime Inc. and the Barton Hill Youth Centre artists in the early eighties.

“I then worked closely with Banksy until the late 1990's when I moved to London, became head of design for SEGA and also a designer in Jade Jagger’s studio” he says,

“I'm now working solely as an artist travelling the world creating large scale paintings, producing gallery shows and making prints as well as generally causing a nuisance.”

And there is nowhere that Inkie would rather cause a nuisance in the UK than Bristol. He has a fond love for the artistic culture of his home city which he believes is different from other cities.

“Its a more sociable group of artists / creatives with people pooling ideas and processes helping the scene move forward when compare to other cities that are more insular.”

His career has been so exciting that he finds it hard to pin point his most notable moments, but coming second in the World Street Art Championship 1989, curating the artists for See No Evil Festival and painting a 22 man Halloween wall with his childhood graffiti heroes are just a few.

Well known for his colourful, distinctive pictures that can be recognised as you walk around Bristol, as well as street art Inkie also creates vivid screen prints. His style is inspired by Art Nouveau, crystals, the architecture of Victor Horta and a variety of natural objects. 

“I start with collecting reference images and then make a pencil drawing,” he explains,
“This is then inked and scanned into my Mac where I separate out the colours before screen printing.”

Inkie has produced a new screen print which is only available from our online shop. Indigo Ink uses rich shades of purple to create the long, flowing hair of his signature female figure. The print features silver dust, which brings texture to the outline of the picture. 

A range of Inkie’s other prints are also available and he has chosen to donate proceeds to the Cochlear Implant Unit at Bristol Royal Infirmary. Throughout his career he has raised over £100,000 for charity, but this cause is of personal importance to him as his eldest daughter was born profoundly deaf and this operation has changed her life. 

Currently working on some 3D sculptural works, Inkie’s future plans are to create textile pattern designs and jewellery.