Multi-disciplinary painter Dan Parry-Jones is June’s Artist of the Month.

The Bristol art scene has always interested Dan: “There is always a great emphasis on street art and in that sense the city reminds me of Berlin with its graffiti and pop up exhibitions that constantly change.”

Working with various artistic techniques, Dan creates art that has both variety in style, and a distinctively unique look.

“Some paintings will be almost covered by screen-print, others are more sparsely printed on and show more paint and collage. Each painting is composed of several layers as I scratch, sand, strip back, re-work and re-apply the different media, before finally varnishing the piece to seal it.”

Cross-disciplinary is a term that Dan much prefers over other descriptions: “I don’t like the term ‘mixed media’ as it reminds me of school projects sticking bits of pasta to cardboard with pva...”

And being a father, this is something Dan will be familiar with. He recalls sharing his work with his children fondly.

“Driving in the rain with my kids one evening and seeing a big painting of mine filling the window of a gallery with a spotlight on it. My kids were very excited as they were both in the painting! I hadn’t long been exhibiting with galleries and it was a great feeling.”

The artist will be producing an exclusive range of 40X55cm prints of a piece titled Beauty From Ashes for or the discounted price of £100. 

Printed on heavy fine art paper, Beauty From Ashes captures a sunlit Stocks Croft that Dan witnessed while working in his studio.

“I was up on the top floor in Hamilton house and the sun had lit up the streets below Jamaica Street Studios and Poco on the corner where I spend a lot of time,” Dan says. “It was an interesting perspective and resulted in a painting that I was really happy with and will always remind me of the studios.”

We are pleased to be donating 10 per cent of revenue from the sale of the prints to the Child Brain Injury Trust, an organisation that Dan has worked with before.

“I recently did some illustration for this charity which helps families of kids who have damaged their brain through illness or injury and helps them come to terms with what has happened and helps to implement appropriate support strategies.”

Along with the exclusive print for Bristol24/7 readers of Beauty From Ashes, Dan will also be selling a limited edition run of his other work in 50X70cm or 60X60cm through our online shop. 10 per cent of revenue will also be going to charity.