Cheba is a ‘nebula funk’ street artist, inspired by space and stars. His work is mainly created with spray paint, which he uses to paint pictures full of colour and depth.

He started his street art in the early noughties, with work that was originally designed so that it could be painted quickly on the street. Since then, his style has become, in his own words, “more abstract and free”.

In 2009 he started the Weapon of Choice gallery on the steps leading from Park Street to Frogmore Street, hosting shows for graffiti and street artists. The gallery proved popular, but Cheba decided to close it in order to concentrate more on his own artwork.

He still hosts occasional pop-up galleries and sells local artists’ work online, as well as being involved in a company called Edition Fifty which releases limited edition prints from local and international artists.

This dedication to local artwork shows Cheba’s passion for his home town Bristol, and he has never lived anywhere else. Surrounded by art, music, and skateboarding, the artist is inspired by the creative culture of our city.

“Artists here are always pushing themselves and others, at times it feels like a big family of artists,” he says.

The most memorable moments of his career in Bristol include taking over the galleries at the RWA with fellow artists, painting a sculpture for the Gromit Unleashed trail which was displayed in Harvey Nichols and covering the entire side of the Full Moon pub on Stokes Croft with his distinctive starry skies.

“Getting to paint on big buildings and with other artists you admire is one of the best things for me," the artist says.

Cheba’s exclusive piece for Bristol24/7 readers is Infrared Monkey Head Nebula. Hues of blue come together to create this calm, ethereal piece, which is based on the Monkey Head Nebula photographed by the Hubble space telescope.

“It’s painted on wood mainly with spray paint, oil and ink. I then pour resin on top, let it dry for 24 hours, add more paint and repeat… after the last layer of resin it takes seven days to fully cure”

Cheba has chosen to donate money from sales of his prints to Above & Beyond, the charity for Bristol’s city centre hospitals, because he says that “hospitals can do with as much help as possible right now”.